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6 -in-1 

Therapy Regimen

Traditional Chinese Therapy Delivered with Advanced Technology

Built on the heritage of the age-long Traditional Chinese Medicine for wellness, the introduction of advanced technology has revolutionised its application and delivery today as it combines all the 6 different therapy types into one and equally accelerating results, eliminating risks and securing the body for all-around wellness that springs from nature’s best.

Bring Revolution to your beauty and wellness everyday.


Biboting employs a non-intrusive and no ingestive method of application to bring wellness and beauty to the body as it introduces into the human system the natural nutrients our organs need to function optimally known as Negative Oxygen Ion; combined with natural herbal extracts, wellness and challenges are confidently tackled and eliminated.

Pain & Fatigue Free

Biboting deals with body pains as it addresses its source by clearing channels for the free flow of blood and simultaneously revitalising the cells through its combined Rhythmed Negative Pressure, High-Frequency Resonance, Negative Oxygen Ions and Far Infrared Rays.

Total Breast Care

Biboting is the ultimate breast care therapy having originally designed and focused on improving health problems besetting female breasts. It performs unequal protection and prevention of the breast from attacks and increases breast performance in function and size.

Restoring Beauty 

The use of Biboting assures that your body cells are restored to their natural state thereby eliminating accumulated fats, spots or unwanted growth in the body. Beauty and wellness are twins but Biboting delivers the accurate measure to each as needed by different individuals. 


“I had a breast lump surgery which was done through my armpit two years ago and it healed on the outside, not knowing that the inside was still fresh, so at some point it was discharging pus, early this year my armpit was swollen and I got scared, so a friend directed me to body and shapes two weeks ago, during the treatment the affected area was discharging more pules that would have harmed me in future if it remained there, but after few days of therapy the area dried up and healed completely”


” I’ve been suffering from severe pains from the neck through back to the waist region for good seventeen years. After several hospitals visits, I was diagnosed of spinal stenosis, throughout all these period no medication was able to give relief to this pains talk less of solving the problem not until recently the problem generated down to my left leg with unbearable pain such that I couldn’t walk without a walking stick. A few months ago I was introduced to Biboting and I was able to acquire the machine after seeing the effect in a week’s treatment The good news is that I am back on my feet again going around to my business without a walking aid,l am straightened up back to my normal shape and free from the killer pains. I have tested and it is real.”


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