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Introducing Modern Chinese Therapy

Built on the heritage of Traditional Chinese Medicine method of unlocking main and collateral channels in the body which helps to detoxify and improves hydrification through rhythmic absorbing-release of negative pressure and principles of high-frequency vibration. Negative pressure generates hemangiectasis or fracture of partial cells and lead to hemolysis, which causes partial circulation and metabolism and alter nourish status of partial texture; this therapy helps to enhance permeability of vascular wall, destruction of bacteria or microorganisms, stamina of a human body and people’s immune competence and resistance

How Does It Work?

Deep Tissue Cupping Therapy is similar to the traditional cupping which involves the use of cups applied to the individual’s skin surface in order to produce suction. Suction & release process of rhythmic pressure infuse negative ions into the skin while purging toxins. Infusing over 3 million negative ions into the skin during therapy. Deep Tissue Cupping suction cups of varying sizes are attached to the body, and the suction draws blood to the surface of the skin. Hence, there will be bruise-like marks appearing after the therapy. But the marks will subside in a few days depending on the individual’s conditions.