What will come to your mind when you hear the “Millennium Health Culture in China”?

Perhaps it would be childhood memories , the elders in the family used cupping for health care, scrapping method for heatstroke, or went for Chinese Traditional Treatment such as acupuncture and massage; and now there are various courses for health offered by health and beauty salons. Since the pioneering days of the Chinese health culture, health therapy has appeared in the pre- Qin period and has a long history of more than 2,000 years.


A  New Era Emerges

In the 1990’s, there was a craze for breast remodeling instrument in Taiwan, but the technology  at that time was bad and unable to achieve the desired effect hence this trend died off quickly.

However, an electro-mechanical  expert has extended this physical breast remodeling concept by improving it into a rhythmic suction and release pattern, as well as enhancing its safety and incorporating the modern negative ion technology in it to supplement nutrients when pores contract. 


Chinese Traditional Cupping System

The New Biboting Health Massager System 

Biboting specializes in “Healthcare Massager” since its founding in 1995

BIBOTING originates from the love of a husband for his wife

As his wife Madam LI Shui Lian has breast sub-health problem, the caring Mr Liu Shin Ta started developing a healthcare massager for breast massage and received a lot of feedbacks from experienced customers; besides firming the breasts, there is a new discovery about BIBOTING Healthcare Massager – it improves breast sub-health problem.

 Based on its ground breaking solution, BIBOTING adhered to the idea of love, opened the way to the “Modern Rhythmic Massage Culture” and uphold the mission of “Caring for Women, Eliminating Breast Illiteracy”, thus bringing the good news to a lot of women who are affected by breast sub-health problem and encouraging more women to focus on breast health.


 It has taken 24 years of focus and persistency to light up the “BIBOTING Brand Story “

Over the years, Biboting has proven to be the ‘Original Beauty and Health  Massager’ as it functions on the body to restore and preserve wholeness.

The Difference Between Old Cupping & Biboting Cupping

Understanding the Biboting Sunction Technique

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Step 1

BIBOTING Healthcare Massager applies strong suction to open the pores of the skin.

Note: BIBOTING Healthcare Massager (Original: BIBOTING Beauty Healthcare Instrument.

Step 2

Negative oxygen ions in the healthy cup are absorbed by the body part at the same time when the pores open; when the massager releases the suction the body part will relax.

Step 3

Repeating rhythmic suction and release massage, as if the skin carries out deep breathing exercise.


               The BIBOTING Advantage in Massage

 BIBOTING Modern Rhythmic Massage

 Manual Massage

Rhythmic suction and release massage

 Ordinary massage

Effect on the body part comfortable  And circulation improved Uncontrollable strength use in massage
Improves skin elasticity when alternating  The frequency of suction and release Limited to certain body part, skin surface
Effect of massage produces warm feeling Ordinary body sense
Various cup models can cover more body parts all at once Limited range in traditional massage
Firms skin and eases pain NIL